Lincoln's Knob Creek KY Home
A replica of Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home (1811-1816) in Knob Creek, KY

Ever get a gift that changed your life?

One Christmas during the Centennial of the Civil War [early 1960s], I received a Louis Marx play-set full of blue and gray soldiers and four cream-colored men. One of those cream-colored figures was Abraham Lincoln.

Curious, I exasperated my Mom and Dad with a barrage of questions that day. Finally, in self-defense, they suggested I take a trip to the local library the following week, and learn for myself why he and the other three cream-colored men were included in a play-set of all blue and gray soldiers.

Thus began our long relationship. I read and talked about him so much my parents teasingly called him “Uncle Abe.”

And he is like an eccentric uncle – odd, ugly, but strangely always perceptive. His words, actions, and wry humor served me as a bulwark through my youth and upon which I also climbed into my future as a history major.

That influence led to the name of this blog.

As you know, the motivation to do something is often brought about by some outside event. For instance, Lincoln credited an event for reawakening his passion for the political arena:

Always a whig in politics, and generally on the whig electoral tickets, making active canvasses–I was losing interest in politics, when the repeal of the Missouri Compromise aroused me again.

– from his Autobiography enclosed in a Letter to Jesse Fell, December 20, 1859 [1]

Like Lincoln, an event caught my interest and stirred me to action – the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign!

All the turmoil, the insults, the lack of respect, the fake history, the bitter divisiveness drove me to ponder this new America of ours.

But is this new?

Sure, the actors’ names are…but the characters aren’t and the stage set isn’t. Oh, it’s dressed up and modernized, but it’s still the same old, same old – racism, religion-ism, sexism, and the threat of something larger than we are, changing our physical and economic landscape – a changing world.

So I decided to open this blog, and once again I turned to that “eccentric uncle” from my Civil War play-set.

Lincoln’s guidance and leadership of the United States through its greatest crisis EVER is the only reason we still have a “United” in our country’s name. His advice, perspectives, and shrewd observations about people and situations in his time are still relevant – and applicable – and needed – today.

Since there are so many fake Lincoln quotes bouncing around cyberspace – and “fake information” is obviously one of my BIG issues with the present – I only use Lincoln quotes that are authenticated, and I also provide the source from which each comes.

This blog is NOT intended to be a blog of hate or extremism. Quite the contrary. Having an open mind to learning about all things doesn’t have to mean becoming all things, but it should lead to understanding and growth and, above all, tolerance.

So, here we are. Please visit often and mention this site to your friends if you find it interesting. [I’ll post every couple of days]. Grab a cuppa joe or whatever serves as your beverage of choice, and click by for a visit with The Log Cabin Sage.

Food for thought.


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