🎩#AbesTweets9 – 10 Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Abraham Lincoln
(Painting by Ylli Haruni)

In light of the current🐦tweeter🐦 in the White House, this will be a weekly post of ten actual quotes by 🎩Abraham Lincoln🎩 in tweet form (yes, 140 character limit), and separated into #topics. The quotes are NOT altered [excpt 4 shorthand] to meet the 140 character limits.

All of these quotes are from The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, edited by Roy P. Basler et al. with their references – date, occasion, volume/page, etc.

💭Imagine💭 if Lincoln had📲Twitter!📲

Food for thought.


[Please note: The featured images of this post are contemporary paintings by Sharon Cummings and Ylli Haruni]


And one way to bring about a true settlement of the question is to understand its true magnitude.


-“Speech at New Haven, Connecticut  – March 6, 1860.” From v.IV:p.16.


that test is a sufficiently liberal one, which accepts as sound whoever will make a sworn recantation of his former unsoundness


-“Annual Message to Congress – December 8, 1863.” From v.II:p.52.

You do not very much dislike to work; and still you do not work much, merely because it does not seem to you that you could get much for it.


-“Letter To Thomas Lincoln (Dad) and John D. Johnston (step-brother) – December 24, 1848.” v.II:p. 17. [This remark was directed toward his step-brother.]


As plain as the adding up of the weights of three small hogs.


-“Form Letter to Fillmore Men” From v.II:p.374.


the subject is one we cannot avoid considering; we can no more avoid it than a man can live without eating.


-“Speech at New Haven, Connecticut  – March 6, 1860.” From v.IV:p.16.

He indulged in no recreations, he visited no public places seeking applause; but quietly-as the earth in its orbit-he was always at his post


-“Euology on Zachary Taylor – July 25, 1850.” v.II: p.90.


…unite as one people throughout this land, until we shall once more stand up declaring that all men are created equal.


-“Speech at Chicago, Illinois – July 10, 1858.” v.II:p. 502.


All this talk about the dissolution of the Union is humbug–nothing but folly. We “WON’T” dissolve the Union, and you “SHAN’T.”


-“Speech at Galena, Illinois – July 23, 1856.” v.II: p.356.

if you attempt it, we won’t let you. With the purse & sword, the army & navy & treasury in our hands & at our command, you couldn’t do it.


-“Speech at Galena, Illinois – July 23, 1856.” v.II: p.356.


…a combination of negatives – absence of excitement and absence of fear. He could not be flurried, and he could not be scared.


-“Euology on Zachary Taylor – July 25, 1850.” v.II: p.88.

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