🎩#AbesTweets12 – 10 Abraham Lincoln Quotes

President Abraham Lincoln

In light of the current🐦tweeter🐦 in the White House, this will be a weekly post of ten actual quotes by 🎩Abraham Lincoln🎩 in tweet form (yes, 280 character limit), and separated into #topics. The quotes are NOT altered [excpt 4 shorthand] to meet the 280 character limits.

All of these quotes are from The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, edited by Roy P. Basler et al. with their references – date, occasion, volume/page, etc.

💭Imagine💭 if Lincoln had📲Twitter!📲

Food for thought.



Broken eggs cannot be mended; but Louisiana has nothing to do now but to take her place in the Union as it was, barring the already broken eggs.


“Letter to August Belmont – July 31, 1862.” From v.5: p.351.


It is to be dished up in as many varieties as a French cook can produce soups from potatoes.


“Speech at Springfield, IL – July 17, 1858.” From v.2:p.508.


My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery.


“Letter to Horace Greeley – August 22, 1862.” From v.7:p.389.


A living dog is better than a dead lion.


“‘House Divided’ Speech, Springfield, IL – June 16. 1858.” From v.2:p. 468.

I will not say that he willfully misquotes, but he does fail to quote accurately.


“Speech at Springfield, IL – July 17, 1858.” From v.2:p.513.


Cannot the Judge perceive the distinction between a purpose and an expectation. I have often expressed an expectation to die, but I have never expressed a wish to die.


“Speech at Springfield, IL – July 17, 1858.” From v.2:p.515.


I planted myself upon the truth, and the truth only, so far as I knew it, or could be brought to know it.


“Speech at Springfield, IL – July 17, 1858.” From v.2:p.513.

Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.


“Letter to Edwin M. Stanton – July 14, 1864.” From v.7:p.441.

I only ask my friends and all who are eager for the truth, that when they hear me represented as saying or meaning anything strange, they will turn to my own words and examine for themselves.


“Speech at Clinton, IL – July 27, 1858.” From v.2:p.526.


I set out in this campaign-w/the intention of conducting it strictly asa gentleman-in substance at least-if not in the outside polish-The latter I shall never be-but that which constitutes the inside ofa gentleman I hope I understand-& am not less inclined 2 practice than others.


“Speech at Springfield, IL – July 17, 1858.” From v.2:p.514.


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