A Thank You Note for the Christmas Dinner – For His Sick and Wounded Soldiers

Abraham Lincoln’s Signature:
A Sign of Class, Fortitude, and Humility

When informed by Colonel John W. Forney of the generous $5,000 Christmas donation given by a Mrs. M.C. Egbert, wife of Dr. Milton C. Egbert of Venango County, PA, to provide a Christmas dinner for the sick and wounded soldiers in the hospitals in Philadelphia, President Abraham Lincoln immediately sent this note of gratitude.

Executive Mansion Washington,

January 9, 1865


Mrs. Milton C. Egbert.


Col. Forney assures me that you will not be displeased if I tender, as I most heartily do, my sincere thanks for your munificient Christmas donation of five thousand dollars to the sick and wounded soldiers in the Philadelphia hospitals.


Your Obt. Servt.



A Christmas gift of comfort to hospitalized soldiers – A note of gratitude from their Commander-in-Chief.

Food for thought this 2017 Holiday Season.


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